5 front yard landscape ideas When you drive down the road and look around, what is the first thing you notice about the houses on the roads?

The elevation of the house catches your attention and then it is the front yard.

Or whatever is visible of it. The trees, plants, fence and other items like a fountain or a statue, etc are all what the public would see and make note of.

Over a period of time, you will be identified with the unique things in your yard or just what is the focal point of your front yard.

People will identify you as the person living in that house with a big tree in the front or those pretty plants along the walkway. Hence one needs to take interest and plan their front yard landscape carefully.

How Should You Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping?

Landscaping is very important to ensure your house looks not only beautiful from the outside but is also welcoming. It is definitely easier to just mow the lawn and have the standard height of grass, but if you want your front yard to stand out, you need to plan the landscaping.

Here are a few tips to start planning efficiently:

  • Know Your Yard

Measure your front yard to know how much of the area can be taken into consideration for remodeling. You need to leave out the pathway to the house and the garage if you enter your garage from the front.

  • Know Your Plants

Take into account the number of trees in your yard and the plants or shrubs. You need not replace or uproot everything. Working around what you already have can be cost effective.

  • Weather Perfect

Take the weather into account. You don’t want to be digging your front yard when it is raining or snowing. Always start your yard landscaping in summer and try to wrap it up ASAP.

  • Know The Costs

Ask around and find out companies or freelance designers who can help you get the perfect front yard. If you want to do it yourself, ask around and gather information related to the cost of plants, fences, etc.

  • Budget

Once you have a rough idea about the expenses involved, budget. Sit with your partner or if you are in-charge of the finances, budget according to your financial situation. A front yard need not be done over night. You can always work on it in parts.

How Can You Convert Your Front Yard?

Planning to give your front yard a fresh makeover? Here are some of the front yard ideas that you can implement with ease:

An Organic Garden

Why should your vegetable garden be only at the back of your house? You can use your front yard to grow organic vegetables too. Plan in such a way that your vegetable garden would be to one side of your front yard, so that when you are digging the soil to plant fresh seeds, it doesn’t make your yard look messy.

You can grow vegetables in rows and each row can be a vegetable or colour coordinated. When they grow, your front yard will have some interesting array of colours and will be unique. There is a dual benefit in this. Not only will your front yard look interesting but you can provide your family with healthy organic vegetables too.

Kids Zone

Do you have kids who are hyperactive and make a mess out of the house? Build them a front yard play area. If your yard has a big tree, build them a tree house complete with a sand pit at the bottom and benches and tables for them to eat at. This will keep your yard well occupied and your kids will not bother you at home.

If a tree is not your option, you can build a small fenced area for your kids to pretend play in. your little girl can have her private tea party or your kids can just dig holes and play in the mud. Let the kids have it their way. Your kids will be elated to have a private play area outside their room.

5 front yard ideasFurnish

If you love the outdoors, you can invest in some tasteful patio furniture. Now you can sit out and read your morning paper or enjoy your evening out in the open. However, you must consider the direction of your seating. If you would spend your morning outdoors, you would probably want to watch the sun rise. If you don’t want the sun in your face, your seats should face west.

Wind is another element to be considered. You don’t want the wind blowing yours or your guests’ hair all around, making it unpleasant for all of you. Consider the wind directions. If your area is windy, you can consider some tasteful barriers that can double up as a decoration piece.

Eat Outside

You can set aside one part of your front yard to entertain guests. You can have a barbecue grill, a table and chairs to show off your cookery skills. If you are not into barbequing, you can just have a meal outside when the weather is perfect. You can also have a picnic table.

Nature Love

If you love plants and trees, you can choose from a wide array of plants for your front yard. You can choose different types of shrubs, flowering and non flowering plants, trees, etc. You can play around with colours and different types of plants to enhance your front yard.

Beautiful Pathway

You can focus on your path way and make the entrance to your house, grand.  You can have curved pathways that will lead up to a flight of beautifully carved stairs to your front door. You can plant flowering shrubs along the way to make it appealing. However, you must ensure to give enough space for people to walk and carry things.

Focal Point

You can have a focal point in your front yard. Invest in a beautiful fountain or a statue to draw the attention of the on lookers. If your front yard is broad, you can even have two of these on either side. All you have to ensure is that it does not affect the elevation of the house. These statues or fountains are only to enhance the front yard, and not to shadow your house.

You can plant shrubs to create a pathway leading to the fountain and have benches around it. This will be a beautiful and romantic seating space for those special evening or when you just want to relax.

How About Front Yard Landscaping Trees?

Are you a nature lover? Love the look big trees give your house? Big trees can add class and age to your house. When there are big and well trimmed trees adorning your front yard, people perceive your house to be a mansion or an old house with tasteful interiors.

If you want to plant trees, you should consider the size they will grow into. It should not block any path way or the view of your house. Also, as the tree grows, the roots will spread out. So, ensure you don’t plant the tree too close to your house. When roots spread out under your house, it can weaken the structure or cause cracks along their way.

The best way to come up with a front yard design for tress is to step out on to the street and view your house. What do you see? Visualise your trees fully grown and you will get the picture. The trees should be placed in such a way that it does not block your view of the street from the house. Wanting privacy and blocking the view to your bedroom from the street is a good idea but you should be able to see what is happening outside.

For your own safety, it is not recommended to have tree branches brushing your window. Not only does it make the burglar’s job easier but in case of a bad weather or a storm, you don’t want the tree crashing through your window.

5 front yard landscapingHow To Select Trees For Your Front Yard?

When you are selecting trees for your front yard, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Ensure the trees don’t have wide roots which will cover most of your yard. This will make it difficult to not only grow other plants but any construction would also be tricky.
  • The tree should not be too big when it is fully grow. The idea is to enhance the front yard, not block your house.
  • The soil should be fertile enough to support a tree
  • The tree should not block any pathways when it grows to full size.
  • If it is a flowering tree, it is an added advantage as your front yard will be in full bloom during the right season.

How To Landscape Your Front Yard?

Before you can buy a fountain or a tree for your front yard, the yard has to be made ready. Front yard landscaping involves more than just planting a few trees or shrubs to make it visually appealing. Here are some front yard landscaping plans:

  • Measure your entire yard and understand the ground structure of your yard.
  • If there are slopes in one or more areas, try to use those slopes to create an elevation. When your front yard is on different levels, it gives the impact of a large yard.
  • Do not use the same idea throughout the yard. Split the yard and do something different with each part.
  • If you have patio furniture in the center, have a play area or a fountain to the side. If you plan to have a garden, keep it on the opposite side of your walk way.

How To Have The Perfect Walk Way?

A walkway is the most important part of your front yard. It should be convenient, practical and still look unique. Here are some pointers to help you have the perfect walk way:

  • If the slopes are too steep or on your pathway, you will have to add more soil and even it out. Your walk cannot slope too much as old people and kids will find it very difficult. If the walk is too steep, try to add some curves or ramps. This will sort out your steep walk problem and at the same time make it visually appealing.
  • There should be a gap of at least 2-3 feet between your walk way and the plants or fence. People should be able to walk comfortably, side by side. If you receive big packages, the delivery man shouldn’t have a tough time manoeuvring the package through your walk way.
  • Instead of having a concrete walk ways, you can have a pebble walk way. You can even lay the bricks in a pattern to create a design.
  • Have small lights along the pathway. This will make it look beautiful and cosy. Choose lights that are unique or bold.
  • Have an arch over your walk way. You can have climber plants adorn the arch and make it a well covered and beautiful path to walk down every time.

How To Successfully Transform Your Front Yard?

Now that you have many different ideas to implement in your front yard, how to execute it effectively? Some ideas are always easier on paper than in reality. Here are some dos and don’ts to ensure your ideas are well executed.



Plan well ahead

Come up with a plan just when you start landscaping your yard

Consult experts and browse online for ideas

Copy your neighbour’s landscaping blindly

Be open to new ideas

Stick to the ideas decided initially

Budget well in advance, so that you can do the work in parts

Ignore the costs involved as it can cost you dearly

Do it in parts

Do the whole front yard in one go

Get the work done in summer or spring as weather will be dry

Start digging your yard in winter

Visualise your plans before implementing all ideas

Go with the flow and see only the end result


The front yard is the first thing your guest notices while visiting you. Get creative and make a lasting impression.

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