4 landscape-design-programsLandscape designing, is by itself an independent field of work, and, a long established area of expertise, wherein the complexities of culture and nature culminate to create a beautiful space.

In recent times, landscape design bridges the gap between landscape architecture and garden design.

What does Landscape Design Include?

The landscape planning of a particular property,which includes specifically designing of garden space/outdoor space and the plants and greenery that goes within it.

Other aspects of landscape designing include making this space useful, visually pleasing, and, of course sustainable.Landscape designing is also categorized as

  • Hardscape: Which covers the heavier components like paved patios or driveways etc. design and
  • Softscape: Which covers hues, plants, etc.

More often than not, landscape designers work in tandem with related disciplines such as architecture, area, soil and civil engineering, botany etc.

Landscape Design also takes into consideration several conditions such as:

  • Climate, especially the climate of the designated area or spot that needs to be worked on and where the vegetation has to be housed.
  • Location and Position of the area.
  • Drainage conditions and groundwater
  • Soil and watering systems
  • Movement of traffic, be it vehicular traffic or human habitation.
  • Facilities for recreation (i.e.: sports and water).
  • Lighting infrastructure
  • Safety and well-maintained property.

Other factors included into Landscape Design are individual qualities such as:

  • Attributes of the site that are specific to the location.
  • Customer’s personal choice and requirements
  • Plants and other components that can be retainedat the site.
  • Using symmetry and scale to enhance the design.

4 designing of a gardenThere are innumerable other design factors and considerations, that come into the complex process of designing a garden that is beautiful, well-functioning, and that thrives over time.

  • So, what is Landscape Design?

When you begin to design a project, this typically involves two diverse professional roles:

  • Landscape Design:  Under this, the aspects that get typically covered is a fine combination of design and workmanship, acumen and competence in the area of gardening, and a completely dedicated involvement at the site right from the inception of the project right through to the final construction.
  • Landscape Architecture: This aspect focuses a lot on town and city planning,designing large scale civic and corporate landscaping projects across several disciplines.

The aspects mentioned above, will involve tapping talent from both, landscape designers and landscape architects. But yes, both, landscape designers and landscape architects do practice landscape design.

Thus, the up-and-coming practice of designing landscape online, allows professional landscapers to design and create sites remotely, with the use of two and three-dimensional images without visiting the location.

Professional Landscape Design Software

PRO Landscape is a complete Design Software in all respects.  Whether you wish to score a point with your client using a photo imaging project, creating a CAD (computer aided drafting) drawing for a huge commercial project that you wish to bag, designing on your tablet right in front of your client, PRO landscape does it all.

What are the key Features here?

  • Photo imaging: With this feature, you can transfer your photo imaging Designs to CAD. This helps you save time by converting your plant pictures to CAD symbols right on your drawing.
  • User Friendly CAD:Any changes that you make to an object in terms of size or pricing can be shared between photo imaging, CAD proposals and your tablet app.
  • Single click Proposals: This feature enables you to create entire proposals from your photo imaging designs, with just one single click of the mouse.
  • 3D Rendering: This feature enables you to transform your projects into brilliant 3D designs. All you need to do is, to draw you CAD drawing and click a button to transform it into a 3D drawing.  All of the plant symbols from the drawing will become 3D objects and will provide a good, realistic look.

Your flat 2D designs change to look beautiful and stunning in the 3D look. These 3D images, allows you to look at your designs from different angles.

  • Lighting Design: This feature allows to create beautiful night lighting designs, from a picture,that was captured during the day.
  • Landscape Design Tablet Apps: PRO Landscape is the forerunner in landscape design apps for tablets and larger phones. This offers two landscape design apps for the professional landscape contractor, designer, architect or garden centre.   This feature enables you to design your landscape in real-time.

The two landscape design apps offered are:

  1. Pro Landscape Companion: This landscape design app is created to work in conjunction with the full version of PRO landscape.
  2. PRO landscape Contractor: This is a standalone landscape design app for professionals.

Can we now discuss the key features of that are common to both of the above mentioned PRO landscape design apps?

  • They both offer complete access to the full PRO Landscape image library containing over 11,000 items.
  • Plants are organized by climate zone and you can set your own zones.
  • Allows you to search the database.
  • No Internet connection is required to design.
  • Both of these apps include a powerful cut-out tool,which allows you to cover up the existing landscape when you are working on renovation projects.
  • Both the apps have the provision to show the before picture that offers a before/after view.
Create New and/or edit photo imaging designs YES YES
Local Favourites YES YES
Total access of image library YES YES
Cut-out Tool YES YES


Setting of Climate Zones YES YES
Allows Search by common and/or botanical Name YES YES
Helps in formulating Quotes YES YES
Compatible Platforms iPad and Android iPad and Android
Pricing Free for PRO landscape users Monthly or Annual Subscriptions.

So, who are the people who really Use PRO Landscape Design?

  • Primarily used by professional landscape designers for their projects, be it residential projects or commercial landscape design projects, irrespective of the size or scale.
  • Garden Centres: If you run a retail store that deals in plants and other items associated with gardening, PRO landscape is the tool for you to use. One added necessity is to for sure, have a design computer in the store.  With this, customers can bring in pictures of their house, and, you can immediately create a design for them. Then and there.

As the software allows you to create your own favorites, the designs created will be only with all the plants, hardscape and all other materials that you have in stock.  This done, PRO Landscape generates a price quote.  This allows the customer to make up his or her mind immediately.  Time Saving!

  • Schools: PRO landscape is an important part of the curriculum at several educational institutes at both, the high School and college levels.

PRO landscape aids students learn the basics of landscape design,while allowing them to understand the latest technology, which can lead them to go in for a degree in landscape designing.

The many interesting features of PRO landscape, encourages students to create designs that are interesting, yet, practical and exciting.

Time to check out a few landscape design software reviews?

The entire, process of designing your outdoor space, is facilitated by the use of 3D virtual landscaping programs.  Right from offering you tools to visualize how plants will look in your front yard or back yard, or trying to remodel and design the external area of your house, these programs are created to suit all individual needs.

To narrow down your scope of choice, you could go over a few landscape design software reviews:

4 landscape-design-software 2016Real-time Landscaping Plus 2016:

This landscape design software offers you a wide choice of highly lucid and high quality plants.  It comes with

  • Lists of climate zones and botanical names.
  • A library that covers in detail, a variety of furniture, pots, lights and various other outdoor items.
  • Numerous designs for ponds, streams, fountains and other water bodies.
  • The wide choice of pre-created designs, makes it convenient to find several quick and pretty landscaping ideas such as curved decks, brick patios, stone pools etc.
  • This tool permits you to take into consideration other aspects as well, such as slopes and hills into your design. There is also provision to include solutions for privacy and security issues such as fences etc.
  • This landscape design software program comes with a virtual garden planner called real-time landscaping photo. This feature allows you to upload a picture of your property to help you visualise how different plants, flowers, trees and shrubs will, look in your outdoors.
  • Comes with several additional features like a tool which gives you information about which plants grow well in different climatic conditions; tips on maintenance and watering schedule. Also includes the feature which allows you to visualize how your garden will look in the future and aid with lighting ideas       that add beauty to your open spaces.
  • Another noteworthy landscape design software that has found a place in the top 10 professional reviews is The Home and Landscape Design Software.

This is a software platform compatible with both pc and mac. This comes with attributes and ideas, that help you to design an energy saving and green space.

  • Let us now look at the Home Designer Landscape and Deck 2016. This landscape design software in catered towards PC users only. This user friendly design app comes with several videos that offer tutorials on how to draw landscaping plans.
    It seems well tailored for smaller landscaping areas also.  With ideas such as raised bed gardens and hanging plants, this program appears to be a good option for indoor and outdoor renovations.
  • The Free Landscaping Software: This program is suitable for landscape contractors and design professionals, as it comes with higher computer aided design options and sophisticated editing technology.
  • The PRO Landscaping Software 2016: This comes with superior attributessuch as iPad compatibility for changing, including updates and/or creating your designs while you are on the move.

In case, all you are looking out for, are some simple ideas for your front yard or basic patio designs, this landscape design software is probably a little too advanced.  Since it is also ranked among the most expensive programs available in the market, it will be wiser to download a free home design software that comes with most of the required features, if not all of them.

Initially, it definitely is a prudent decision to try out a free trial version before settling on to anything specific.

Landscape Design Software for Mac

Landscape Design Software for Mac aids with the essential criteria in your design, be it a kitchen garden, flower beds, a play area or,as is the case most often, a combination of all of these.

No doubt Mac users have a lesser range of choice than what PC users have, but these limited options most definitely provide good products that aid with your landscape designing.

Take for instance, the Punch Landscape Design for Mac.  This can assist with larger scale projects like planning a new outdoor kitchen as well as simpler projects like creating small areas for vegetable or flower gardens.

Being the winner of the Bronze Award for landscape design software for Mac at the Top Ten Reviews, makes it stand out among other landscape design software.  The easy to drag and drop 3D objects and plants into your plan and the fact that it allows you to recreate lighting effects for realistic views, makes this quite a formidable design software.

This landscape Design software for Mac can display real-time images of how your trees will grow up to look like, in the future.

So, what then are the top Ten Landscape Design Software Available?

Almost all landscape design software is designed to be user friendly and offer clients flexibility to suit individual needs.  These landscape designing software offer you the possibility of viewing the completed projects in real time.

Listed below are the landscape design Software that are ranked among the top ten:

  1. Real-time Landscaping Plus:

This is a great tool for professionals and relative amateurs to the field and helps them give shape to their ideas.  With a user friendly interface, it provides clients with a realistic and impressive output.

  1. Landscape Deck and Patio Designer:

Primarily created bearing in mind, beginners and average home users, this software can be used by professionals too.  It helps you create landscape ideas with considerable ease, speed and convenience.

  1. Home and Landscape Design:

This adaptable and effective software is easy on your pocket and provides landscaping features as well as home designing options.

  1. Landscaping and Deck Designer:

Designed for the average home user, this program also helps professionals.  With a friendly user interface, even beginners find it easy to create and give shape to their ideas.

  1. HGTV Home and Landscape Platinum Suite:

This landscape design Software is quite outstanding.  It comes with required landscaping accessories, as well as other requirements for designing.

  1. Total 3D Home, Landscape and Deck:

This landscape design software comes at an affordable rate.  This is specific in terms of what to allow and what not to allow while designing and drawing.

  1. IMSI Turbo Floor Plan Landscape & Deck:

This design software requires you to have a sophisticated and advanced personal Computer.

  1. Imagine Pro:

This software does not let you create 3D models.  However, the 2D result is of very good quality and gives you aprecise preview of the landscape design.

  1. 3D Home Architect & Landscape Deluxe Suite:

This affordable paid program is surely worth your time, and has a user friendly interface.  Works well for beginners.  In case you are a professional, it is advisable to look for other options.

  1. 3D Landscape for Everyone:

This free of cost landscaping software offers you the basic tools or accessories required for landscape design.  This will not be of much help;in case you want to use pictures to design your landscape.  Also, the resulting image is not very precise and realistic.

There you have it. A full breakdown of what design software is available and in what platforms! Have fun creating a landscape of your dreams and hopefully see it to fruition in your yard.

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